Ruggero ’80 Upcoming Release of “Comes The War”

Ruggero ’80 Upcoming Release of “Comes The War”Ed Ruggero ’80 is set to release Comes The War, February 9, 2021. Ruggero, “A master of the World War II genre” said the Los Angeles Times.

Set against the heroism and heartbreak of World War II, Ruggero brilliantly captures, with grace and authenticity, the evocative and timeless stories of ordinary people swept up in extraordinary times. Comes The War returns to follow Lieutenant Eddie Harkins, first introduced in Blame the Dead (2020), as he serves as a military investigator in Europe. It is now April 1944, and the entire island of Britain fairly buzzes with the coiled energy of a million men poised to leap the Channel to France, the first, riskiest step in the Allies’ long slog to the heart of Germany and the end of the war. Harkins is tasked to investigate the murder of Helen Batcheller, an OSS analyst. Harkins is assigned a British driver, Private Pamela Lowell, to aid in his investigation. Lowell is smart, brave and resourceful; like Harkins, she is prone to speak her mind even when it doesn’t help her.

Soon a suspect is arrested and Harkins is ordered to stop digging. Suspicious, he continues his investigation only to find himself trapped in a web of Soviet secrets. As bombs fall, Harkins must solve the murder and reveal the spies before it is too late.

With Comes The War, Ed Ruggero uses his long-time research in World War II and military history to explore a fascinating what-if mystery, and portray some of the real life daily experiences of those that served their countries.

Comes The War is now available to read as an eGalley.

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