Cadet MAL Receives Overall Distinguished Delegation Award

Cadet MAL Receives Overall Distinguished Delegation AwardCongratulations to our Model Arab League for their performance in the North East Regional Model Arab League (NERMAL) conference, they received the Overall Distinguished Delegation Award!

Additionally, CDT Thomas Sonnie ’22 and Karl Steeneporte ’23 received the award for outstanding delegation for the Council of Social Affairs and CDT Thomas Gover ’22 received the Distinguished Delegation Award for the Council of Economic Affairs.

Normally held at Northeastern University in Boston, this year’s conference was held virtually.

Our team represented the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and participated in numerous councils (Joint Defense, Economic Affairs, Palestinian Affairs, etc.). The event provided Cadets the opportunity to engage with multiple disciplines, including international relations, security studies, and socio-cultural skills. It also provided a venue for Cadets to hone their diplomatic and negotiation abilities as they compete and cooperate with students from other universities.

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