McNichol ’07 Develops VetTriage Wellness AppBrendan McNichol ’07 understands the unique employment, financial and health challenges military members experience. He also recognizes the importance of building resiliency. That is why he started the Hoplite Resilience Center, a nonprofit benefiting veterans, and developed VetTriage, a new wellness app designed to strengthen their health through resiliency.

The app enables users to triage their moods, stressors, activities, and their severity of impact through four stages of self-tracking: preparation, collection, reflection, and action. It can be downloaded for free on Google and Apple devices. “The app differs from other wellness apps because it prepares the user to get the most from its data collection and reflection process,” McNichol said. It also provides veterans with actions they can take to improve their overall well-being over time.

He refers to the app as the “Yelp” of veteran resources. It not only breaks down the different types of resources a veteran might need, but it also categorizes them by location within a city. He added, “We are not trying to replace resources. Instead we are working to pull in vetted resources for veterans to use, and introducing them in a unique way – through triage.” Read more.

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