COL Evans ’00 Phenomenal COVID-19 Response in Florida

COL Evans ’00Colonel Elizabeth Evans ’00 was activated to full-time duty to coordinate a COVID-19 response earlier this year. Her leadership throughout this unprecedented Pandemic response as the J5 has been phenomenal and serves as the model for all others to emulate. She has made an indelible impact to the State of Florida's response efforts that will be used as the standard for years to come. Her strategic and operational reach spanned through interagency, intergovernmental, and Emergency Support Functions creating a shared understanding that provided the Task Force Commander a common operating picture needed for all operations.

COL Evans has truly been the tip of the spear in strategic planning for major operations including; 32 Community Based Testing Sites, Rotational Design and Force Flow, Cruise Ship debarkation contingencies, transitions between State Active Duty Pay and Federal 502(f) funding, commodity distribution, Law Enforcement support, USACE integration, and PPE analysis with lessons learned.

COL Evans has helped orchestrate and manage over 300,000 COVID tests to date. She has also synchronized over 490 missions, supporting ESF 8, consisting of our Mobile Testing Teams, and has aided in the planning efforts of the Mobile Testing Lab with incredible results. COL Evans is a true Citizen-Soldier in every facet and with the support of nearly 3,000 mobilized Soldiers and Airmen undertaking COVID-19 operations, has answered the call to serve our citizens. She was recently promoted from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel, congratulations and thank you for all that you have done!

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