A Matchup Years in the MakingBy JJ Klein, Army West Point Athletic Communications

Basketball has always been a family affair for the Magaritys. However, this past weekend it was a family feud.

Army West Point Women’s Basketball head coach Dave Magarity squared off against his daughter Maureen Magarity’s Holy Cross team in the first of two home-and-home series slated between the two programs. Saturday’s game was believed to be the first of its kind at the Division-I level with a father coaching opposite his daughter. 

With Dave currently in his 15th season coaching on the women’s side and Maureen in her 11th overall season as a head coach and first at Holy Cross, it is reasonable to presume that this matchup has been in the making for years. However, it is a contest that the father-daughter duo has been avoiding since Maureen left her father’s staff to take the head coaching position at New Hampshire over a decade ago. This avoidance was a decision they arrived at with some help from Rita Magarity, Dave’s wife and Maureen’s mother. 

“People laughed and joked about it, but I never really had the want to say, ‘No, we need to play a game dad,’” Maureen said. “It was always just, ‘I’m good with just scrimmaging and cheering you on.’”

“The scrimmaging was fine,” Rita noted. “But now that they have to play each other, in this profession it’s tough because there’s always going to be a winner and a loser. When your livelihood is winning of course that makes it extra hard.” 

Basketball has been part of Maureen’s life since the day she was born. Literally. On the same day that she was born, her dad was coaching the St. Francis (Pa.) men’s team in a conference playoff game. Read more.

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