Buck ’71 Leading Community Disaster ReliefJim Buck ’71 has become involved in leading a community project in Clallam County, WA which would anticipate disaster relief community need requirements, in the case of a large earthquake. The project involves converting and pre-positioning MKT-99 Army surplus mobile kitchens into emergency feeding stations. Each of the 8 units procured could feed up to 600 people. Jim is chair of this Joyce Emergency Planning and Preparation project. Jim and his wife Maria visited Puerto Rico in 2017 to gather data with which to plan for this program. This pre-positioning would free up disaster aircraft to bring in more critical supplies when the emergency arises. Jim spent much of this last COVID summer working on and re-habbing the MKTs. The next step will be to identify local service groups that could operate the field kitchens so they can be set up as quickly as possible, and a final step will be to secure agreements with local food banks and stores to support the kitchen plan. Well done, Jim. Read more.

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