Siblings Set for Final Match as TeammatesWhen Jerry and Leigh Kutz detoured from their boating voyage along the Hudson River years ago to take a tour of the United States Military Academy with their young children Kaitlyn and Kyle, there was no way they could have imagined the importance that West Point would later have to their family. 

“It was purely by coincidence. We decided to take our boat and go up the Hudson River,” Jerry said. “On the way up we saw West Point and on the way back down we looked into finding a marina that was close enough that we could tour it.”

After docking in neighboring Highland Falls, the family hiked uphill and proceeded to tour the prestigious service academy. Jerry and Leigh were mesmerized by West Point's endless picturesque views and the rich history. Kaitlyn’s and Kyle’s eyes were drawn to The Plain, where the cadets were marching in unison.

“For me it was the first image in my head of what the military looked like,” Kyle said. “The one thing I remember was them all being in step marching by. At the time that was one of the coolest things ever to see.” Full story.

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