Finkenaur ’83 Granted Patent for Highly Visible Epoxy

Bob Finkenaur ’83 Bob Finkenaur ’83 has been granted US Patent #10,577,475 for a new and highly visible epoxy based safety formulation containing photoluminescent and slip resistant properties. Bob is the President and Founder of RGF Materials Company (LLC) based in Phoenixville, PA. The patented product is manufactured and sold under the Form-A-Tread GLOW registered trademark and is designed to increase personnel safety in emergency egress stairwells during emergency blackout situations. Product was recently selected by Madison Square Garden to be applied on all emergency egress stairwells in the facility. Before starting RGF Materials, Inc, Bob provided new product, packaging and business development for domestic and international adhesive and sealant manufactures and distributors. Bob currently has 2 Patent Pending stencil tape designs under development.

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