Pepple ’07 Releases “Dodgebomb”Darin Pepple ’07 has released Dodgebomb: Outside the Wire in the Second Iraq War. Dodgebomb is a gritty, unheroic war novel set in Iraq during the Troop Surge in 2008. Trying to break the Hollywood clichés of every soldier having PTSD and being Special Forces, the book focuses on the regular unassuming soldiers that fought Al Qaeda, broke bread with sheiks, and tried to understand why they were there.

During the height of the Global War on Terrorism, Lieutenant Eddie Fitzgerald is sent straight from school to Iraq as a casualty replacement. Immediately thrown into combat, he must quickly overcome his naivety and earn the trust of his unit in order to survive. However, if hunting Al Qaeda wasn’t enough, he’s quickly pulled into Arab tribal politics and Army officer rivalries that threaten to spoil any work that he accomplishes.

Available on Amazon in eBook or paperback.

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