Sandhurst is On!This morning, April 16, 2021, exactly 44 teams started competing at the United States Military Academy for the Annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition. There are 25 from USMA, 16 from the Reserve Officer Training Corps programs and three U.S. service academies including Navy. The photos below show you just how hard these Cadets have trained for the competition and they are ready to win! After all the obstacles and tests for this two-day battle are done, only one team can claim victory and you know who to root for! Go Army!

“The Sandhurst competition teaches cadets the mental and physical toughness, the relentlessness and the discipline that’s necessary to work as a team to accomplish the mission.” - Lieutenant General Darryl A. Williams ’83, U.S. Military Academy Superintendent. Click here to stay informed about Sandhurst and learn more about the competition.

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