Carolyn Enger Shares Powerful Testimonials with Cadets

Carolyn Enger Shares Powerful Testimonials with CadetsCadets, family and friends gathered at the Jewish Chapel to participate in the U.S. Military Academy Days of Remembrance/Holocaust Remembrance Observance April 14 at West Point. Titled the ‘Mischlinge Expose’ and presented by world-renowned composer Carolyn Enger, the event featured her music along with contextualized artistic works from her father.

Her family history was woven into a film she presented, which showcased important cultural figures who shared part of her family’s history.

“I feel the importance of speaking out about diversity and tolerance is especially needed now,” Enger said. “We can make a difference as individuals and accept people who are different from us with passion and empathy.”

Enger’s grandmother, who is shown in the Mischlinge Expose film, converted from Judaism to Christianity after marrying Enger’s grandfather in 1919 in Germany. She passed away before the war when her father was about seven years old.

On January 20, 1942, the German Wannsee Conference was held in Wannsee, Germany, to develop strategies to eradicate the Jewish population, Enger said. Full story.

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