Projects Day Teams You Can SeeTeam UAS Swarm is designing, developing, and testing an autonomous UAS Swarm (drones) to detect and map chemical plumes through integration of multiple disciplines and studies. Team Spear-HRT is a multi-disciplinary Space Engineering and Applied Research-Hypersonic Rocket team that is seeking to be the first West Point cadet team to launch a rocket into space! Team Damadraulics is researching and building hydraulic models standardized designs for guard walls at the US Army Corps of Engineer Montgomery, Dashields, and Emsworth locks and dams to reduce operations and maintenance costs. Guard walls serve as a guide for river barge pilots to align their ships with the lock, which can be up to 1200 feet long. Ways to follow the 22nd Annual USMA Projects Day Website, YouTube and Downloadable App.

Photo: Team Spear-HRT

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