GEN Keith Virtual Capstone Conference USMA Winners

GEN Keith Virtual Capstone Conference USMA WinnersCongratulations to United States Military Academy Track Winners from the General Donald R. Keith Virtual Capstone Conference.

Hollis Award for Best Overall Presentation – “Data Analytics Development from Military Operational Data” by Cadets James Downey, Zachary Ellis, Ethan Nguyen, and Charlotte L Spencer and COL Paul Evangelista, USMA.

General Engineering Track – “Flood Risk Management Project Prioritization and Decision Support” by Cadets Tyler Fleagle, Lukas E Strickler, Samuel Tarry, and Jeffrey Vollenweider and LTC(P) James Schreiner, USMA.

Honors Track – “A System Dynamics Analysis of the Humanitarian Crisis in the Gaza Strip” by Cadet Tyler Skidmore and LTC(P) James Schreiner, USMA.
Modeling and Simulation for Defense Applications Track – “USMA SWARM” by Cadets Matthew Blejwas, Nicholas Finke, Bartlomiej Grzybowski, Dennis Kirby, Keegan Leth, Justin Robinson, Karlee Scott, Jackson Thomsen, and Zachary Whitton, USMA.

Project and Engineering Management Track – “Applying Lean Six Sigma: Personnel Reliability Program” by Cadets Mason J Krueger, James Nichols, Greyson M Olep, and Andrei Rosu, and LTC(P) Brandon Thompson, USMA.

Systems Design Track – “Squad with Autonomous Teams” by Cadets Madison Teague, Joshua Campi, and Luke Carpenter and COL Ricardo Morales, USMA.
Systems Design for Defense Applications Track – “Creating an Enlisted Development Strategy for Countries in the USINDOPACOM Area of Responsibility” by Cadets Rahmeel Cook, Kevin Kurth, Brian Patterson, and Lexi West and MAJ Samuel Herbert, USMA.

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