Cadets Examine the Role of Germans in ConflictsFour German capstone Cadets, Kevin Brazie, Charles Cathel, Calvin Hart, and Philip Kammler presented their project. They examined the role of Germans and German-Americans across four major conflicts in U.S. history including the U.S. Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the First and Second World Wars. Cadets answered the research question, “How has service in the U.S. Army shaped the German-American identity and what factors have motivated German-American service in the U.S. Army?” In exploring the role of German-Americans in these four U.S. conflicts, these Cadets relied extensively on their understanding of the German language and culture in order to analyze research material in German including historical monographs, diaries, journals, newspaper articles, and government documents. The presentation, given in a hybrid fashion with German faculty in person and others joining remotely, included attendees such as the German Defense Attaché, friends of the German section, fellow Cadets, and other faculty members. The Cadets did an outstanding job highlighting their expertise and understanding in the German language and culture.

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