CDT Mia Padon ’21 Earns Southampton ScholarshipCongratulations to our newest Southampton scholar Mia Padon! Raised in Spokane, Washington, Mia Padon is an Environmental Engineering major at West Point. Her childhood and development were largely set to the backdrop of southwest Montana’s mountains, plains, and rivers. Mia’s understanding of the nexus between natural resources, industrial production, social justice, and human health spurred her desire to pursue environmental studies and policy.

In her time at West Point, she has performed independent research on anaerobic biogas reactors as energy sources for developing countries in tropical regions, as well as on the ISS. Further, Mia founded the environmental action group at West Point and currently serves as the Brigade Environmental Officer where she has created a far-reaching recycling program, implemented sustainability policies, led awareness campaigns on food-waste, and organized Corps-wide nature appreciation and clean-up events.

Mia is a two-year captain of the NCAA Division I Women’s Soccer team at West Point. Off the field, she has served as a delegate in the joint Yale-West Point Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative, and she has published prose essays inspired by her time in Alaska. In her Army career, Mia will serve as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer, further deepening her understanding of the military’s relationship with the natural environment.

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