CDT Myers ’21 Earns Rotary ScholarshipCongratulations to our Rotary Scholar, Maxwell Myers! Born in Columbus, Georgia, Maxwell is an International Affairs major Grand Strategy minor. As a Stamps Scholar, Maxwell focused many of his efforts on projects and research abroad in Macedonia and domestically with topics regarding ethnic conflict and racial equity. In Macedonia, Maxwell worked to bring together Macedonian Orthodox and Albanian Muslim communities through his work over the summer. He continued to travel independently to do projects and research on ethnic conflict in the Balkans as well. He used these experiences to study state building in the post-Soviet States and ethnic violence in the Balkans.

At West Point, Maxwell has served as the CIC of the Cultural Affairs Seminar which allowed him to direct numerous tutoring programs and activities for Black and Brown Cadets. As the Co-CIC of The Elevation Initiative, he worked to mentor Cadets for leadership positions throughout the Corps. In his most recent position as the Brigade Academics officer, Maxwell and the academics chain of command led education support programs for The Corps and developed policy solutions. He recently completed HI463 where he completed a research project on the U.S. Army’s anti-extremism policy.

Maxwell recently earned the Fulbright and Rotary Scholarships to continue his graduate education. He chose to use his Rotary Scholarship to study for a MA in Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies through King’s College London’s War Studies Department. In this program, he looks to explore innovative governance solutions to resolving ethnic conflict. He hopes to take this academic experience into the Army as a Military Intelligence Officer.

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