CDT Murphy Earns Carnegie Mellon ScholarshipCongratulations to our first Carnegie Mellon scholar Ryan Murphy! From Stamford, Connecticut, Ryan Murphy is an International Affairs and Chinese double major with a research focus in conflict resolution and prevention at West Point. His primary academic interests and research projects have been in the fields of international relations and security as well as comparative politics. In addition to this work, Ryan has a deep interest in and passion for languages, culture, politics, history, and making the world a better place or improving community relations on small and global scales. Outside of the classroom, Ryan completed an internship with the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon and served as a Squad Leader in the Sandhurst Military Skills Competition. Ryan will become an aviation officer after commissioning. After graduation, Ryan will attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to study for an MS in International Relations and Policy with a focus in international security issues. He hopes to use his experience in the Army as well as his education in political science to develop flexible frameworks for conflict mediation and resolution throughout the world.

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