Hudspeth’21 Reflects on Her Time at West PointCadet Raven Hudspeth, native of Saint Louis, Missouri is a first-generation college student who will be starting a new legacy for her family by graduating from West Point.

What has been the most significant memory that will stick out to you since being here at West Point?
Everyone says it and I must agree, it's honestly the people here that I'll remember most. One of my favorite memories was at Buckner after Plebe Year. I got really close to my squad because of how hard things were. It rained on us so much. I remember during land nav it was so muddy/wet that me and my friend were slipping and sliding everywhere, we ended up having to crawl on a log to get across this river. When the day was over, and we went back to the bays. For some reason, the S4 wasn't able to get eating utensils, so we didn't have enough plates. We sat there muddy and wet eating off cardboard boxes and half of paper plates. It was awful but I could not stop laughing that day. I truly think it is because of the great people that were with me during the detail. We were able to see the fun in every situation. Read more.

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