CDT Pavlakis ’21 Earns a Rotary ScholarshipCongratulations to Class of 2021 CDT CSM George Pavlakis, native of Avon, Connecticut, who will be going to graduate school in Germany for two years on a Rotary Scholarship.

“My most significant memory is the four months I spent in Munich at the German Armed Forces University, where four of my closest friends and I integrated with German cadets and lieutenants. It was a very different experience than my previous two years as a plebe and a yearling, but it is indicative of the incredible opportunities you can explore at West Point if you apply yourself and embrace new things. I grew so much as a person and as a leader while there, and most importantly I took away some great lessons that shaped me as a leader Firstie year. AIAD’s, MIAD’s, semester abroad, clubs, teams, and all the other incredible programs we have at West Point are what make the experience special to me.” Read more.

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