Message from BG Reeves ’96, Dean of the Academic Board at USMA

“I am honored to serve as West Point’s 15th Dean. I want to sincerely thank Brigadier General Jebb for all the wonderful work she has done, and I am committed to building on what the team has collectively accomplished over the last five years.”

“While this was a challenging year, it has been inspiring to see mission accomplishment continue in the COVID environment. In the months and years ahead, we will use the lessons learned to innovate further and create an even stronger and more adaptable community.”

“The Army is more capable than ever. I know this fact because I have seen the talent and grit of cadets and faculty in and out of the classroom. I know the determination of our leadership. Our Academic Program will continue to educate, challenge, and inspire leaders of character ready to fight and win our Nation’s wars.”

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