Zurmuehlen ’90 From Fatigues to Chef’s WhitesAfter 20 years of active duty and 10 years as a Department of Defense civilian Kevin Zurmuehlen ’90 decided to become a pastry chef. It is quite the leap, from career military to French pastry chef and entrepreneur, but 53-year-old Chef Kevin Zurmuehlen has jumped in with both feet. “This is so much fun,” said Zurmuehlen. “God gave us an opportunity.”

The love of food and travel are what led Zurmuehlen and his family to the create their own French bakery. Throughout their time overseas during Zurmuehlen’s military career, the family traveled whenever they had the opportunity. In every country they visited, they sampled a wide assortment of culinary delights. French cuisine, especially pastries, carry fond memories. Read more.

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