WPS of the Mid-Hudson Region Cadet Candidate Picnic

WPS of the Mid-Hudson Region Cadet Candidate PicnicThe West Point Society of the Mid-Hudson Region hosted their popular Cadet Candidate Picnic on Sunday June 6, despite a rather warm day. The Society invites the incoming cadet candidates and their families who reside in the Hudson Valley Region to the event so that the cadet candidates get to meet their local classmates, and their parents get to know other parents. Current members of the Parents Club brief the new West Point families as to what to expect living in the West Point region as their cadet children bring classmates home.

The speaker for the picnic was COL Tanya Estes, a professor at West Point and a decorated Army Aviator. COL Estes delivered a very inspirational address to the cadet candidates and their parents. Fortunately, the folks at the USMA 2nd Aviation Detachment at Stewart Airport allowed the society to use their picnic area.

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