History Staff’ Strong Dedication to CadetsSince the end of the academic year, Department of History faculty have been staying engaged with cadets by applying their skills outside of the classroom. One group of faculty served as mentors for Cadet Leadership Development Training (CLDT), the culminating summer cadet military training at West Point for Cows and Firsties. CLDT includes a 10-day field exercise, culminating in “Crucible” events, which honor the memory of a fallen comrade, CDT CJ Morgan, USMA class of 2020. LTC Andy Whitford, MAJ Phil Murray, and CPT Wyatt Brown were all Platoon Mentors, working directly with the cadre and trainees throughout the detail to synthesize their military education and directly apply it through the field training, including combatives. CPT Mandi Rollinson was a Staff Mentor, working with cadets across Regimental Staff positions to increase their knowledge of battalion-level staff operations, as well as how to synchronize across each staff specialty to support the Company-level efforts. Well done!

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