Gwynn ’86 Releases “My Battle For Life”M.J. Gwynn ’86 has released My Battle For Life: Military Lessons to Survive Your Life Challenges. M.J. Gwynn faced a lethal diagnosis of an advanced stage cancer. An initial serious surgical procedure was completed and the ensuing combination cancer treatments were abruptly interrupted by a significant and life-threatening series of medical complications. These included: pneumonia, thrombosis (Blood Clot), numerous interventional-radiology procedures, punctured esophagus, anemia (low red blood cell counts), and a collapsed lung. My Battle For Life includes personal, West Point, and Military lessons, tactics, and experiences from a Cancer Survivor, West Point graduate, and Army officer whose goal is to help you or your loved one in a Battle for Life challenge involving Cancer, illness, injury, or other life threatening situation. You should read this book if you are personally involved in a personal “Battle for Life” to gain some general guidance from the voice of experience on how to get through the difficult period. This book is also applicable for those who may be spouses, family members, friends, or other loved ones going supporting someone in their difficult period. M.J. relied on his life, West Point, and Military lessons and experiences to survive this lengthy and challenging Battle for Life. The My Battle For Life book shares this story and will provide you with insights learned during the complicated recovery of the author's Battle for Life as well as some lessons that were learned as a West Point Cadet and Army Officer. Available at Amazon.

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