BG, Dean Reeves ’96 Instructor Shout OutAs we celebrate the end of Beast Barracks, I’d like to highlight two of our instructors who helped mentor and develop cadet leadership. This photo was taken on R-Day when it all began. Great work, LTC(P) Kevin Steele and MAJ Berto Santos!

LTC(P) Kevin Steele ’00 served as the Cadet Basic Training Deputy Commanding Officer. During the academic year, he serves as the Executive Officer for the Department of Foreign Languages and a German Instructor. LTC(P) Steele commissioned as an Aviation officer before becoming an Army Foreign Area Officer. LTC(P) Steele expressed deep pride in having the opportunity to be part of the leadership team for Cadet Basic Training, noting that this is the 25th anniversary of his summer as a New Cadet in 1996. He also emphasized that having personnel from the Dean’s Directorate performing roles in support of Cadet Summer Training details allows for a great team-building experience, as these officers get a chance to work closely with counterparts from many organizations throughout the Academy.

MAJ Roberto W. Santos (Berto) is beginning his second year of teaching the Philosophy and Ethical Reasoning course. After ten years of civilian work experience, he commissioned as an MI officer through OCS in 2010. MAJ Santos currently coaches the Ethics Debate Forum, which placed first in regional competitions and third in Nationals last year. During CBT, he served as the AS3, responsible for oversight of daily TOC operations. He says that cadets are the ones who truly ran the show and was impressed by how tirelessly they worked to build a functioning team, run TOC operations, and safeguard and train the New Cadets. Aside from the experience of shaping the minds of future leaders, teaching at West Point has offered him a window into a different commissioning source, which helps him better understand the diversity within the Officer Corps, which he believes makes for a better Army.

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