Cadets Intern with the Space and Missile Defense Command

Cadets Intern with the Space and Missile Defense CommandCadets Jeffrey Green ‘24 and Anusha Pakkam ‘24, completed a summer internship at the Space and Missile Defense Command to discover how they are building future space and missile defense forces today. CDT Pakkam majors in international law and space science where she hopes to become a JAG lawyer with a focus in space, cyber and technology law. CDT Green majors in economics, and he plans to branch either infantry or aviation.

“I always knew I wanted to join the Army because of the incredible opportunities the United States has given me and my family,” CDT Pakkam said. “I am a first-generation American and grew up with parents who always encouraged me to strive for excellence, while stressing the importance of dedication and perseverance – the same qualities which afforded them the opportunity to move to this country and fulfill their lifelong ‘American Dream.’ I am a product of that determination and know there is no better way to express my gratitude for my country than serving as an officer in the U.S. Army. Read more.

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