Soldier Borne Sensor Soars Over West PointThe Soldier Borne Sensor (SBS) took flight during Cadet Leader Development Training (CLDT) over a two-week period in July.

Product Manager Soldier Maneuver Sensors (PdM SMS) provided two first generation SBS systems and training to the cadets selected to pilot the unmanned aerial systems, nicknamed the “Black Hornet”.

Cadets employed the SBS systems while conducting offensive and defensive training operations led by the West Point Department of Military Instruction. The opportunity arose through a well‐established partnership between PdM SMS and the West Point Robotics Research Center who also supported the event.

CLDT is a Cadet Summer Training (CST) program offered to third and fourth year West Point cadets to train, mentor and assess basic leadership skills. More than 1,400 cadets learned effective communication and tactical decision-making skills in a series of small unit tactical training scenarios.

“I’m flying the Black Hornet in support of a platoon sized attack,” said Carlos Vaquero, a third year USMA cadet selected to pilot the SBS. “It’s really fascinating because it's the only time that cadets will get to do this kind of peer-on-peer training. Both sides are equal in size and have the same capabilities and equipment, including full gun teams, fire support, and technology. My counterpart is piloting the drone in support of the defense.” Read more.

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