Women’s Soccer Welcomes 12 Plebes 2021Army West Point Head Women’s Soccer coach Tracy Chao has announced the addition of 12 plebes to the 2021 team, which is set to open its season this week in San Diego.

The group is made up of six defenders, two midfielders, two forwards and two goalkeepers and features players from as far away as California and as close as New York.

“We inherited a really solid class of players and even more amazing people that have chosen to not only be a part of our women's soccer program but the prestigious Army West Point to ultimately become extraordinary leaders and serve our great country,” Chao said. “Nevertheless, this class brings a lot of depth in different areas of the field, and it has been fun these last few weeks getting to see them on the field and identifying their abilities. They are certainly going to be impactful for us this season as they join a tremendous group of returning players.” Read more.

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