Men’s Soccer Head Coach FeatureBrian Plotkin will be the first to tell you that he is all about the team.

The newly appointed head coach of Army West Point Men’s Soccer is always quick to turn the conversation towards his Cadet-athletes and always makes you aware of the achievements of his players. His wealth of soccer knowledge and experience is hidden underneath a sense of selflessness that he hopes to infuse into his program as he enters his first season at West Point and his first as the leader of a college soccer program.

Plotkin believes that the first step in building a championship-caliber program is to establish a culture that emphasizes teamwork and encourages an unselfish attitude.

“Success begins with our Cadets being good teammates. That's the foundation of it all, selflessness and competitiveness.” said Plotkin. “It all comes back to three words that I want to be at the center of our team; purposeful, powerful and passionate. We have to be purposeful in our training. We have to be passionate in everything we do. Finally, we have to be powerful in our belief that we, as a team, can achieve our goals.”

By emphasizing these three attributes, Plotkin hopes to create an environment that will help develop not only good soccer players, but high-quality Cadets and young men. Full story.

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