3 Ways to Utilize the Alumni NetworkYour 47-month West Point journey begins with a 90 second goodbye on R-Day and ends when you toss your white service cap into the endless Michie Stadium sky and pin on those butter bars at your commissioning ceremony.

Contrary to popular belief, that culminating feeling on graduation day does not mark the end of the West Point experience; it signals the beginning of a lifelong connection to the Long Gray Line as an “Old Grad.” Graduating from the U.S. Military Academy earns you a spot in a prolific and well connected network that includes every graduate that came before you and every one that comes after you - and that Long Gray Line is here to help you before you even begin your West Point journey “We share a common bond and experience that is unique to the Long Gray Line...we just get each other,” says Rick French ’86 and Executive Director of the West Point Society of D.C. Read more.

Link: https://www.blog.westpointadmissions.com/single-post/2019/10/22/3-Ways-to-Utilize-the-Alumni-Network

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