1st Regimental Commander Hinton ’22 & CSM Bieler ’22

1st Regimental Commander Hinton ’22 & CSM Bieler ’22Donovan Hinton, a Kinesiology major from Woodbridge, Virginia, spent part of this summer as the Cadet Basic Training 1 Regimental Commander. He chose West Point because he wanted to surround himself with service-oriented people. “My goal as First Regimental Commander is to instill the idea of staying on T.O.P. through Team building, Ownership, and Prioritizing the fundamentals. Despite the many clubs and sports cadets are involved in at the Academy, we are all one team with the same responsibilities when we graduate. It’s when we take the time to develop relationships with one another, hold each other accountable, and stress the importance of even simplest task that we build a strong team of future officers. We become the best versions of ourselves, so we can serve others to the best of our ability, and I look forward to seeing cadets embody that this year.”

James Bieler, a Mechanical Engineering major, from Darien, Connecticut, is a member of the West Point Men's Lacrosse and Sprint Football teams. He chose West Point for the leadership and wanted to be surrounded by those motivated by fitness, challenges, and personal development. “It is my goal this academic year to foster an environment in the regiment where seeking help, mentorship, and leader development is encouraged. I hope to create a culture of positivity and high energy in the regiment. I hope to inspire my peers to fully appreciate the amazing opportunities we have at West Point.”

Photo Cadet Hannah Lamb ’23

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