COL(R) Beaver ’83 Releases “Cosmos” with The Phirejets

COL(R) Beaver ’83 Releases “Cosmos” with The PhirejetsPhil Beaver ’83 has recently released (on most major music platforms) the album “Cosmos,” a collection of 1970s-style Rock songs that explore the intersection of the human condition with the mysteries of space. After writing the album, Beaver formed the band The Phirejets with some of Denver’s top musical talent (to include guest appearances by members of the Colorado Symphony) and worked with producer and arranger Stu Miller to bring the album to life. The album touches on virtually every genre of Classic-style rock, to include metal, hard rock, blues rock, country rock, disco, power ballad, soft ballad, to a chamber piece and a hymn. EMI records granted permission for the band to cover a David Bowie song as well, which is included on the album. The album includes a bonus medley of classical piano music that Beaver recorded under the title “Valentine’s Suite.” The name “The Phirejets” was formed as an acronym of the band members’ names.

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