2nd Regimental Commander Soto ’22 and CSM Tolston ’22

CSM Tolston ’22 and 2nd Regimental Commander Soto ’22Diego Soto ’22, is an Applied Statistics and Data Science major from, Missouri City, TX, chose West Point for the unique challenges designed to push cadets in ways they have not experienced elsewhere. He saw this as an opportunity to grow rather than to wallow. He served as the Sandhurst SGM, was the “Moosehurst” I-2 Sandhurst team Squad Leader, earned the role of I-2 Company 1SG, and served as the Cadet Basic Training Regimental S-3 this past summer. “As the Second Regimental Commander, I hope to create a culture of putting people first. I believe that focusing on people through actions, not words, will lead to creating an environment of inclusion, compassion, and getting results. I believe in the philosophy of putting people first, the results can be pretty astonishing.”

Mirriam (Mimi) Tolston, an Operations Research major and native of Commerce Township, Michigan, chose West Point because she wants to be a role model for the next generation so they can break out of stereotypes to become great leaders. Tolston was selected as best Platoon SGT going into her Cow year, served as the Air Assault Command Sgt. Maj. this past summer, and has been the Rabble Rousers Team Captain since Cow year. “I am committed to empowering the cadets in 2nd reg to become an integral member of the team while also working to further their understanding of themselves as individuals. I hope to bring positivity to every cadet in 2nd regiment so that we can further an inclusive team environment through meaningful interactions.”

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