Engineering Mgmt. Program ASEM Founder’s Award Winner

Engineering Mgmt. Program ASEM Founder’s Award WinnerThe U.S. Military Academy’s Engineering Management Program was officially announced as the 2021 American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) Founder’s Award winners for Best Engineering Management Undergraduate Program and selected as the Best ASEM Student Chapter! Both awards recognize excellence and leadership, both in programs and in people. This selection is not made solely by academics, but also by well versed practitioners and employers in the field. West Point teaches and leads, not only in the theoretical domain, but by expertly applying engineering concepts to real world problems, a skill that will enable cadet success now and in the future.

“Though every win like this is made possible in part by everyone’s discipline and commitment to excellence within their own sphere of influence, I would like to take this opportunity to recognize LTC(P) Jim Schreiner, Dr Kenny McDonald, MAJs Abe Payne and Erin William who poured countless hours and incredible energy into the Engineering Management Program and the cadets in the ASEM chapter at West Point. This recognition is also anchored in the foundational work of folks like COL Paul Evangelista, LTC John Richards, Maj. John Case, and other faculty alumni. We practice what we preach about performance improvement in DSE. The excellence that ASEM recognizes in our Engineering Management program and student chapter stems from their exceptional leadership,” said COL Rich Morales, Systems Engineering Department Head.

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