Q&A with Football’s Arik SmithQ: Why did you decide to attend West Point?

AS: I decided to attend West Point because when I was looking at the opportunities I had, I considered my background and my experience. A lot of my family has been in the military. Unknowingly, I grew up shaped to come to a place like West Point. Growing up, I liked to watch a lot of documentaries about wars, I’ve watched every Ken Burns documentary there is out there. When this opportunity came to the table, looking at all of them, I thought this was the best one.

Q: Aside from football, what’s been your favorite part of West Point?

AS: It’s just the people. The people. One thing I’ve learned being here at West Point is how to deal with and cooperate with a bunch of different types of people. I’m an electrical engineer so I meet people who are different than me in their approach and whatnot. So, getting to know those people, showing them what my world is like, seeing what their world is like and making our worlds collide has been a great thing for me.

Q: What does it mean to you to be named captain of this team?

AS: It means a lot. It’s very special to me. Of course, everybody wants to be recognized for what they do. For me, it’s more about making sure that I can be my best for this team. Whether that be doing my job personally or helping other people do their job. It’s just nice to get recognized if that’s how people see me. It’s nice to be recognized by my teammates. I think that’s important. Read more.

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