Rapid-fire in the last week, I received these pieces of news:

1)  Rita Moore emailed me this morning---Lynn had surgery on his neck. It turned out successful, but he is hurting a bit. Rita said they put a chunk of titanium and a bone in there. Yikes--that can't feel very good.  Lynn is as tough as ten pounds of wet leather, but I bet he can be a crabby patient, so Rita has her hands full with a wounded All-American. I bet a Hail Mary or two are in order. no phone on record

2) Gil Harper advised that Billy Malkemes's sweet wife Melinda had a stroke last night. Billy is all in of course, and life is forever different. I hope Billy, when he can stick his head up, knows we are all here, ready to give whatever we have to help. It takes a lot to get the Scout down-- another All-American-- but if he needs us, we're here, and he knows it. 256.679.9097

3) John Norris--the Rhino, the guy with all the guts, who the football team remembers as having stood up to Parcells and lightened the burden on everyone else-- after the machete cut, the emergency dust-off, the heart attack in the chopper, and finally stabilizing, walked on a porch that had a rotted board and fell through, breaking his upper leg by shattering, and wrecking the knee replacement on the other leg. Luckily, Crash Werner was on it and put John in touch with our COL Fred Lough, who dropped everything. Fred said two sentences which I will never forget: "I am at your service. How can I help.?" He spent 45 minutes on the phone with John, and he and John talked through the three tough options John has, and John now is relieved and can make a big decision about his leg. Thanks, Fred. Distinguished Graduate, indeed. 772.202.7079 786.623.9220

4) TJ Young finally had to have the back fused, several vertebrae. He faces a shitload of pain and several months of rehab. He continues duty as Class Secretary unabated, steady as ever. But he survived a nasty operation, tough as they come. Thank you, TJ-- get some rest, Brother. 717.580.8216

5) Snoopy Jones has been through the wringer with his own ticker, but now his beautiful wife Carolyn is stricken and in declining condition. We remember Snoopy's first wife, Irma, lost from us a while back, Carolyn's best friend. Snoopy can use some prayer. 845.401.3574

 When these things hit, especially in bunches, it makes me think of what's important and what's not. All five of these Brothers of ours have our full ration of respect, love and admiration.

I ask for our prayers, whoever is so inclined, as a class to lighten the burden. If nothing else, I know contact from the Brothers helps a lot.

Love to all,

Serve With Integrity,

Beat Navy.


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