WPS of Connecticut USCGA Exchange Cadets Affirmation Ceremony

West Point Society of Connecticut was honored to celebrate the five USMA Exchange Cadets at the US Coast Guard Academy Affirmation Ceremony. Cadets: Pier H. Bos, Nathan P. Jenkins, Jacob L. Marchetti, Zachary C. Wolsborn, and John C. Smart shared their journeys to West Point and their commitment to affirm their active duty service to the military upon graduation. Eight graduates participated and supported the recognition of these outstanding Cadets. The 2015 Distinguished Graduate, William F. Murdy '64, provided inspiring remarks about the legacy and consistency of West Point in creating leaders of character who have a warrior mentality to win with integrity in battle and beyond. Following the Cadets' Oath of Affirmation, Bob Thomas '73, 50th Year Affiliation Class Member, provided each Cadet with their commemorative coin with their '23 Crest and the '73 Crest, respectively. They concluded the event with a special dinner at Tony D's in New London, shared and listened more, happy to have the USCGA Superintendent William G. Kelly and Commandant of Cadets Captain Arthur Ray attend along with other leadership team members. Photos.

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