Q&A with Football’s Cole TalleyQ: Why did you decide to attend West Point?

CT: My girlfriend's dad and my uncle both went to the Naval Academy, and they spoke positively about their experiences at Service Academies. Then I came up here for a visit, and I was here for a camp over the summer. It was really fun, and I liked the campus and the coaches. It was absolutely the best opportunity I had.

Q: Aside from football, what's been your favorite part of West Point?

CT: One hundred percent meeting all the people that I've met here. Sometimes I think to myself if I went to a different school, not the Academy, I wonder what would have happened. I feel like this place has made me grow as an individual and as a man through all the people that I've met. I wouldn't be anywhere without them, especially the guys on the team.

Q: What's been your favorite non-football memory at the Academy?

CT: The summers here. Because we're taking summer classes, we spend the summer up here and it's so fun. We take trips to New York City. It's nice to be up here and be secluded because it helps us build relationships. Read more.

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