3rd Regimental Cadet CommandMeet the 3rd Regimental Commander, Cadet Alex Denha ’22, and the 3rd Regimental Command Sergeant Major Cadet Layne Erickson. Denha, from Company C-3, is an Economics major and a member of the Army Men’s Rugby team. He chose West Point to challenge himself and be surrounded by people that would make him better. He wanted to take the path less traveled and be a part of a great team. “My goal is to help cadets see each other as teammates who have each other’s backs and hold one another accountable. I will also work to emphasize the huge responsibility we will all have following graduation and the necessity to prepare for it daily.”Cadet Layne Erickson ’22, a mechanical engineering major from Eau Claire, Wisconsin is a member of the XX team. While a junior in high school, she wrote her final American History paper on the Class of 1980, the first class to include women. As she researched for her paper, she was awed by the amount of grit, determination, and resilience shown by the first female cadets. Read more.

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