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The Career Advisory Services Newsletter is a periodic publication providing networking opportunities, information on career coaches, grads seeking jobs and companies with hiring opportunities.


October 2018 WPSDC Career Advisory Services Newsletter

Calendar Highlights

On December 5, 2018 from 9 am to 12 noon, our Society will be hosting a Military Officer Career Fair at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. Register via www.MilitaryOfficerCareerFair.com.

On March 21, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm, our Society will be hosting a Military Officer Career Networking Night at the Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia. Come listen to career transition experts offer words of advice, and informally discuss employment opportunities with a select group of companies.  Free to all WPSDC members. 

Career Coach: 

J.T. Howard, ’83, is offering a complementary career transition strategy session to help you identify your next best steps.  Contact him at JTHCoaching83@gmail.com.

Tony Stamilio ’74, is offering any grad who’ll be attending the July Military Officer Job Fair a free resume review. Contact him at Tony@first-step-coaching.com; phone: 703-980-0117.

Patricia Hughes (spouse, Eric Hughes ’78) is offering a complimentary resume and LinkedIn profile review for grad spouses and adult family members.  Patricia is an executive search professional and job search coach. She helps candidates optimize their resumes, Linkedin profiles to effectively target their job search. Contact her at patriciahughes@talentconnections.net  

Grads Seeking Jobs:

Dainis A. Butners, ’09, is a highly motivated masters’ level professional who is seeking opportunities within defense & national security sector, ideally with a focus on NATO, U.S. Army Europe, military engineering, security & defense cooperation, and defense contracting.  He served as a Sapper Platoon Leader & Task Force Engineer with the 101st Airborne in Kandahar, Afghanistan, taught as an instructor at the U.S. Army Engineer School, and was appointed as a Multinational Engineer Specialist with the NATO Military Engineering Center of Excellence (MILENG COE). Currently a Reservist with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Dainis recently graduated from the dual-degree MBA-MSFS program at Georgetown University where he focused on international business, global politics & security, and obtained a certificate in Eurasian, Russian, and Eastern European studies.  An expert generalist, Dainis has worked with public and private enterprises including the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Latvia, and the Hacking4Defense Initiative. He seeks a position that will enable him to utilize the unique combination of engineering, business, and policy skillsets to deliver innovative solutions for difficult challenges. He possesses a Masters of Explosives Engineering (MS&T) and the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. He speaks fluent Latvian and novice-level Russian. Current Secret Clearance. He can be reached at db1185@georgetown.edu; LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dainis-butners/

John Drew ’09, seeks a role in operations management, consulting, or financial services. An experienced leader, John has spent the last three years working in the petrochemicals industry as a Project Manager and a Reliability Supervisor. While a project manager he managed as many as 14 multi-million dollar infrastructure and process related projects at one time.  Now as a Reliability Supervisor, John is responsible for ensuring that all Environmental, Health, Safety, and Production goals are met. He has a strong background in personnel development, change management, team building, and compliance. John holds a B.S. degree in Human Geography and is a Six Sigma Green belt from Villanova University. Contact him at john.w.drew6@gmail.com or by phone at (724)815-7767.

Wayne White ’78 is a seasoned operations and finance professional looking for an opportunity in the private sector, government, or not-for-profit sector. Wayne has experience building and managing budgets along with working cross-functionally with others to solve problems and provide support. He is trained in public procurement, vendor, and contract management. Has over 20 years’ experience and familiarity in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to his roles in sales and sales management, Wayne has held positions in New Product Commercialization and Competitive Intelligence. He has excelled at managing and interpreting large data sets to gain insights that drive decisions. Wayne can be contacted at wpmba2002@msn.com or 978-844-0652.

Rick Steinke, ’78 is a senior-level leader, manager, operator, planner and team-builder with over 30 years’ experience in achieving excellence, much of it international. Former U.S. Army battalion commander (500 soldiers); U.S. Senior Defense Representative to France; and liaison between U.S. Ambassador and Three Star General in Afghanistan. Retired Army colonel (O-6). Vast experience managing programs, operations, education administration, customer relations and external partnership/network development. Speak four languages fluently. U.S. top secret clearance.  Contact Rick via email at fortunati4@aol.com.

Dave Gerard '85 is seasoned political-military professional looking for a new leadership opportunity working in Government or Industry.  Dave is a retired Colonel who recently returned from his first civilian employment overseas where, as the Director for Operations for the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), he led a major transformation of the Sinai Peace-monitoring mission ensuring its continued operation.  He has a current TS/SCI clearance and was a major interlocutor with senior leadership across the U.S. Government, Egypt, Israel, as well as senior diplomats from 19 troop and donor contributing partner nations.  Dave is a problem solver and leader who is ready to join your team and make a difference.   Contact Dave at david.t.gerard@gmail.com or 717-315-6184.

Kyle Gerlitz ’82, is seeking an opportunity to manage technology changes (typically data related) in a fast-paced firm, preferably in Telecommunications, DoD, or a Financial Institution.  His objective is to improve customer products, client services, and/or business process.  Kyle has solved complex data issues in rapid growth environments, such as addressing emerging issues while establishing new international services in a $4B start-up, leading an ERP transition across 4 locations in a $180M division, building business relationships and facilitating bank-wide discussions to correct client data issues to meet a regulator mandate, and deploying global roaming for cellular phones.  Kyle holds an MBA from the University of Rhode Island and is PMP certified. He can be contacted at 603-320-3112 or at kgerlitz@hotmail.com. 

Matt Ryan '12, is transitioning from military service and looking to begin a new career in the public or private sector with organizations related to cybersecurity, information operations, and artificial intelligence. Matt left active duty in January 2018 and currently serves as the executive director of the Council for Emerging National Security Affairs (www.censa.net). After serving as an Infantry Platoon Leader in Afghanistan, an Executive Officer in the 101st, and an Intelligence officer in the 82nd, Matt is now looking to contribute to work in these areas of increasing importance in national security and public policy. Matt majored in Engineering Psychology and Statistics at USMA. Contact him at matthew.reid.ryan@gmail.com or at 720-470-4511.

Christian Williams '85, seeks IT Project Manager position. Christian has 10+ years of IT Project Management experience with government customers such as: U.S. Army, U.S. Department of State, Defense Logistics Agency, and Defense Contract Management Agency. He is PMP certified and has completed multiple courses in acquisitions and contracting. He has worked with programs valued at up to $11 billion. Contact Christian via email at clearwaterlender@gmail.com or by phone: (727) 804-9646

Gregg Schuliger '87, seeks a new sales leadership role. Recently served as national sales & new business development director and led the sales performance for a major $125MM industrial packaging enterprise. With responsibilities for 12 direct reports, customer service, and technical engineering support, Gregg’s team implemented new strategic customer partnerships throughout the US, implemented innovative marketing and pricing strategies while setting a new revenue improvement records for 5 consecutive years.  If you know of any organizations looking to expand and increase market share, please contact Gregg at gschuliger@gmail.com or 859-609-0639.

Daniel Strom, '11 seeking entry-level career opportunities/internships/co-ops in CI, Security, HUMINT to include I&I. Current graduate student pursuing MA in Strategic Intelligence Studies, Collection Concentration; concurrent Graduate Certificate in CI Tradecraft. Holds a BS in U.S. Legal Studies from USMA, focusing largely on Constitutional and National Security Law though Criminal Law and criminology were also covered; language focus in Arabic at the academy. Has ability to work well as an individual or member of a team, and possesses a high degree of professionalism, resilience, and integrity.  Contact at: J.B.11DSA2@gmail.com; (202) 868-2996; willing to relocate, currently residing in CA. Writing samples in I&I and CI available via portfolio on request.

Michael Grant '79, retired Army Special Forces LTC seeks key contributor role as Operations Analyst, Management Analyst, HR Manager, or Training and Development Manager.  Recognized for expertise in workforce planning and talent management across the HR life cycle with proven leadership abilities gained as a career Army officer.  Energetic, curious, comfortable with ambiguity, and a team builder.  Prefers DC Metro area but open to relocating.  Available immediately. Contact Michael at grantmw@comcast.net.

Alexander Hart '16 seeks a career in consulting at a top tier organization. His strong educational background and work experience in operations, leadership roles, and analytics will enable him to effectively contribute as a team member.  Earned B.S. degree in Systems Design and Management. In the process of being medically discharged from active duty due to an injury sustained during training. Currently working as the Chief Logistical and Supply Officer for a 1500 person organization, where he manages a team to insure all equipment, supplies, and resources are available to complete training for future Army leaders. Contact Alexander at alexander.jay.hart@gmail.com.

José M. Jiménez '01 is seeking opportunities as a Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Manager, Engineering Manager, or Senior Research Analyst.  He is looking for locations from Washington, DC to Florida.  José is a highly motivated Continuous Improvement Manager with international experience.  He has over 15 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, management consulting, research, and defense.  José has a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering (USMA), Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Virginia Tech), Master of Engineering Management (George Washington University), Master of Public Health (Virginia Tech), and PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering (Virginia Tech).  He speaks fluent Spanish and Italian, and intermediate French.  He is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (ASQ), Project Management Professional (PMI), and Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence.  Active secret security clearance.  He can be reached at drjimenez2001@gmail.com or by phone at 703-291-4485.  

Joseph Gallagher '72, is seeking an executive position in international and government business development. He is a committed leader with experience in leading collaborative efforts between U.S. and international companies to achieve success. He has led three companies: to win over $220M in revenue, including a +$35M order; to achieve a combination of direct commercial and foreign military sales in more than 50 countries; to successfully demonstrate expertise in working ITAR licenses, Technical Assistance Agreements, and offset requirements; and to leverage his fluency in Chinese and German. He has had a Top Secret clearance and has expertise with sales in India and China.  His aim is to represent a company committed to increasing its DOD and international sales with new international markets and customers. He can be contacted at 240-357-2489 or at joegallagh@mac.com to discuss how he can support efforts to increase revenue, market share and profitability.  LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josephpatrickgallagher.

Robert Wrightson '76, is seeking a new opportunity as a General Manager, Senior Operations Executive, or COO with a small to medium ($20 to $350 million) size company or as a Division Manager or Service Operations Executive of a large-scale service operation within a larger corporation. As a General Manager and Senior Operations Executive, Bob optimizes business operations. He builds winning teams and provides the expertise that significantly improves performance, reduces costs, ensures client loyalty, and increases revenue. Known as a “go-to-person,” he has achieved several P&L turnarounds and transformations. Bob has a unique ability to create cross organizational synergies, ensure alignment of goals and objectives, and not only develop strategy but also harness the energy to ensure its implementation. Bob’s career in B2B and financial services includes Fortegra Financial, Aon, and Citibank, where he served in such senior leadership roles as Division President, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Operations, and Transformation Executive. Bob holds a Bachelor of Science degree from West Point and an MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Contact him at RTWrightson@gmail.com or by phone at (201) 805-6194.

Emmanuel Nouga '00, seeks engineering, business development, program management, operations, sales, or product support opportunities in the DC Metro area. Bachelor’s degree from West Point in Mechanical Aerospace Engineering; Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School.  Recent experience as a Country and Operations Manager in support of peace operations in several African countries, including Burkina Faso, Mali, Uganda, Tanzania, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Benin, Senegal, and South Sudan. Prior to that, he was a Program Manager for a DC-based non-profit working with various U.S government agencies and over two-hundred Fortune 500 companies to increase trade and investment between the U.S and Africa. Contact him at emmanuelnouga@hotmail.com; cell: (229) 296-2611.

If you are a West Point graduate seeking civilian employment, please send a brief write-up to Carl Savino, ’78 at WPSDC.CareerServices@gmail.com and your write-up will be included in next month’s Career Advisory Services Newsletter.