West Point Association of Graduates

The West Point Association of Graduates (WPAOG) serves all West Point graduates and cadets, widows/widowers, and parents and families of West Point graduates and cadets.  As the parent organization of all West Point Societies, the WPAOG serves a number of functions that benefit the West Point Society of DC.  These functions include providing and maintaining a local email distribution list that enables the WPSDC leadership to send an email to local graduates with a zipcode that is located in the metro DC area.  In addition, the WPAOG is a strong supporter of many WPSDC events to include the West Point Leadership and Ethics Conference, West Point LEADS Conference, and Founders Day.  

There are a number of USMA graduates that live in the metro DC area who serve on the WPAOG Board of Directors and Advisory Council.  The current representatives are:

Other key links (that can also be found through the WPAOG website: www.wpaog.org):

Find a Grad 

Army Ticket Exchange bulletin board

Rockbound Highland Home program

WPAOG Staff Directory

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